Nemecron-1 The Destroyer of Worlds
I decided to make a scene for my very first custom Shadow Force vehicle the "Nemecron-1. This is a prototype for the Nemecron series of ships by Emperor Dark. Here you can see it after laying waste to a planet that interfered with its mission. The Nemecron-1 is a Shadow Force android Ace with an endless range prototype ship designed to make trouble for Starcom. Except the pilot has a slight malfunction caused by accident or sabotage which makes him rogue; still wanting to destroy Starcom, but won't respond (or tolerate interference) from his superiors at Shadow Force either. I have a copy of this scene at more than twice this size. If you would like a copy of it just ask I will email it to you. Thanks go out to Ward Schultz for the story behind the Nemecron-1. By Gary Anderson
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