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Robot Drones Here is a rundown of the known Action Figures for Shadow Force, The Evil Enemy of Starcom. These figures measure 2 1/4". You can click on any of the links or images to view a much larger picture of the item. (Note: some figures also came with vehicles, those are marked below by the figures name)
Figures that were packaged with vehicles/playsets will have a button for "Technical Profile" versus the Package Design button. These have been captured from the backs of the packaging.
Information on European figures and a Vehicle Set, click here.
Here's a complete list of Figures categorized by their specific battle unit:
Click on any of the names to see images of all the figures in the particular unit.

Figures are on these page(s):
> Starmada/Invasion > Robot Drones


Note: If you're looking to quickly identify your figures then you can stop by Geert Mein's website. The creator of this site has taken all the figure images from our site and put together a nice chart for rapid identification of both Starcom and Shadow Force figures.

We have discovered that there was a third release of Starcom that included 2 figures on a card. The card has both a Starcom and Shadow Force figure on it and the Mattel logo. It looks like Mattel came up with new characters but they appear to be repaints of the original figures. You can view the 9 sets of carded figures by clicking on the link below. Any vehicles from the third release have been added to their appropriate battle unit and can be found in the vehicle section of either Starcom or Shadow Force. Except for the Star Fleet Action Set which is linked below. The Star Fleet Action Set is quite possibly an exclusive to Europe.
View the European figure 2-packs or the Starcom Star Fleet Action Set.

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