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UPDATE 4/10/2002: I will only be burning 1 more sets. after that I'm going to quit burning the CD's. I don't have an idea when I will do it again.

I have all 13 episodes transferred from VHS to Quicktime movie format. The size is 320 x 240 pixels viewable and approximately 480 to 600 meg each. If you have a fast connection, you can click here to view a 20 second sample of the video captured. The episodes usually run 19 to 22 minutes each. You get the 13 CD's formatted for either Mac or PC.
Look below for some shipping prices for countries I have checked so far. The sole purpose of making these electronic is to help preserve the copies I have on VHS and to help you all out in your collecting of the toys and other Starcom collectibles. Below is a list of the episodes and the original order they were run in. There were only 13 episodes total for the series, so I believe this listing is complete.
Please fill out the form below if you're interested in copies. You will see a paypal banner below that you can click on to pay me or you can pay by mail.
Full set, 13 episodes
18.00, plus shipping (Shipping below)
  1. Nantucket Sleighride
  2. Trojan Crowbar
  3. The Long Fall
  4. Caverns of Mars
  5. Fire and Ice
  6. Galactic Heartbeat
  7. The Boys Who Cried Dark
  8. Dark Harvest
  9. A Few Bugs in the System
  10. Turnabout
  11. Hot Enough for You?
  12. Flash Moskowitz, Space Cadet
  13. The Last Star Ranger

Shipping Costs:
Italy, Holland, United Kingdom: 7.55
Singapore: 7.65
Germany: 7.55
Canada: 3.10
USA: 2.41

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You can go to this site, EP Guides and see everything from the titles including who played who in the series and also learn of the original air dates.
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