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Crowbar and Jefferson Patrick Stewart has helped in so many ways and is also the person who inspired me to build this website. Much of this information would not be possible if not for Pat. He helped identify as well as scan most of the figures, their equipment and the I.D. Cards. He even created the Emperor Dark card for the mail-away figure. Look for his cartoon section to be up sometime next month.
Mikkel Small the creator of the Starcom Online Archives, has been a great help as well as supplying us with some of the package images for figures and vehicles.
Ward Schultz the co-creator of the Starcom Online Archives, helped out by supplying us with some great custom pieces to get the Custom section of the site off to a great start. Ward is also a co-moderator of the club and is a big inspiration for us all.
Jeff Kaupas of The Front Line, has been a great help with shooting most of the images of the vehicles. Thanks Jeff, for continuing to let me borrow your camera.
Marco Di Stefano helped out by sending us two Starcom vehicles we never knew existed. He sent us the Six Shooter and Shadow Upriser images. We think he's the only member of the club to even own a Six Shooter. Thanks Marco!
Geert Mein has helped out tremendously by volunteering to view and catalog information for all 13 cartoons. He also has sent us images to help finish out all the ID's of the figures. He has been a great friend to the Starcom collectors club and has done so much more than what has been mentioned. Be sure to stop by his website, Starcom Figure Identification Page.
Turgay Coskun is our first member from Germany and has given us much needed images and information for both the Shadow Upriser and Mini-Tank. He found the mother load of Starcom collectibles at his local toy store. Untouched for 10+ years and never opened. Thanks for the images and help on the site Turgay! Turgay will have a flash site for Starcom soon.
Arnaud Heyser and Sylvain Heyserare two brothers from France who found two rare Starcom vehicles and brought them to our attention in the club right after they joined. They both found the Shadow Attack Trike and Mini-Tank before any of us knew something like those existed. Thanks for your images and help guys!
Martin Joynes is our first member from the UK. Also our first member who worked for Coleco, UK division, before they went bankrupt. Martin has joined us because he is also a collector of Starcom. He has many things to offer and has kindly offered to send us the Starcom Bible, a 85 page document that helps outline everything about Starcom. He was able to rescue it from the trash before the company closed its doors. Welcome Martin and thanks for everything!!
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