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Hi guys you can go ahead and send your list to me and I will post it here for all list members to see. If we post our collections and our ebay names, we can reduce the amount of times we keep out bidding each other on Starcom items. Feel free to post what you still need to finish up your collection. Hopefully this list will also help you all see what each other has for trading or private sales. Thanks!
Gary Anderson eBay Name: alexrain email: gary@nemesisworld.com
My collection: Anything not marked (mint) is loose and missing parts.
1 Spy (mint)
1 Starhawk (mint)
3 Six-Shooter's (2 mint)
1 Blast Track (mint)
1 Skyroller (mint)
1 Mini Tank (mint)
2 Starmax Bomber's (1 mint and one missing a side gun and the bombs)
2 Laser R.A.T.'s (1 mint)
2 Invader's (1 mint)
1 Bandit (mint)
2 H.A.R.V.-7's (1 mint)
1 Vampire (mint)
1 Starbase Station (mint)
1 Starbase Command (mint)
2 Shadowbat's (1 mint)
4 Parasite's (1 mint)
3 Starwolf (1 mint)
1 Missile Fox
1 Raider
2 Railgunner's (1 mint)
1 Spy (missing swing-out guns)
1 Starhawk (missing both side guns and missiles)
1 Sidewinder (mint)
1 Medical Bay Pod (mint)
1 Command Post Pod (mint)
1 Laser Artillery Pod (mint)
1 Vehicle Repair Pod (mint)
1 Battlecrane (mint)
2 Tornado's (1 mint)
Items still needed:
Big Cannon Fortress
Missile Station
Attack Trike
Double Fighter
European figures
Items to replace for (mint) condition:
Missile Fox
Maik Bartelt eBay Name: BartmanX email: El_Barto@Orion7.de
This is my collection:
2 Six-Shooter
4 Starmax Bomber
2 Command H Q
1 Starbase Station
2 SF/B Starhawk
5 Starwolf
6 Battlecrane
3 Tornado Gunship
2 Sidewinder
2 Laser Artillery
2 Medical Bay
2 Vehicle Repair
2 Command Post
3 HARV 7
4 Skyroller
2 Missile Fox
3 Laser Rat
2 M-6 Railgunner

1 Attack Trike
4 Shadowbats
3 Shadow Vampires
2 Shadow Bandits
9 Parasites
1 Shadow Spy
1 Shadow Upriser
2 Blast Track
4 Shadow Raider
4 Mini Tank
3 Invader
More than 200 figures.
All items are mint.
I'm missing:
Double Fighter
Dan Branco eBay Name: jeepmanhasyj email: dabranco2@home.com
My collection:
1 Official "For your eyes only" document envelope
1 Starcom Space card
1 Starcom "The US Space Force" Certificate of membership
1 Member Memo, acknowledging the end of the Starcom toy line
1 Application form for "Starcom: The US Space Force"
2 Emperor Dark figures ( one sealed and one loose )
All the figures except Lt. Magg and European series
1 Starbase Command Headquarters ( mint )
2 Starbase Stations (1 mint and the other is missing the PDR Gun )
1 Medical Bay pod (missing power pack recharger end of the little hose)
1 Command Post pod (missing the two Antennae on the tower)
1 Vehicle Repair pod (missing red track)
1 Laser Artillery Pod (missing side guns and support arm for the main gun)
2 Starmax Bombers ( 1 mint and the other turned yellow and PDR doesn't work )
2 F-1400 Starwolfs ( in very good shape but both missing their right wing tips)
1 Tornado Gunship ( mint )
2 Sidewinders ( in very good shape)
4 Battlecranes ( 1 MISB, the rest in very good shape and 2 that are crappy)
2 SF/B Starhawk Bomber Chassis' missing both side wings with missiles and nose cone guns (one in very good shape and the other yellow)
3 HARVs ( 2 complete, 1 mint and the other's PDR doesn't work and on that's just crap)
6 M-6 Railgunners ( 1 MISB, 3 in very good shape and 2 that is strictly for parts )
1 Skyroller (mint)
1 Missile Fox (mint)
1 Shadowbat (mint but missing stickers)
2 Shadow Raiders ( 1 mint and the other missing the tracks )
2 Shadow Parasites ( Both in mint shape but one has no stickers )
1 Shadow Invader (mint)
1 Shadow Vampire ( awesome shape )
1 Shadow Blast Track ( on it's way )
CK eBay Name: ck2237 email: choonkiat@pacific.net.sg
My collection:
1 Shadow Spy (mint)
1 Tornado Gunship (mint)
1 Sidewinder (mint)
1 Attack Trike(mint)
1 Starwolf (mint)
1 Shadow Parasite (mint)
2 Battlecrane's (1 mint)
1 Starmax Bomber (missing one side gun)
2 Laser RAT's (jerking mechanism)
1 HARV-7 (no power flex mechanism)
2 Shadow Bat's (1 missing both laser cannons on top)
1 Sidewinder (cockpit doesn't lock after power deployed)
1 Shadow Raider (jerking mechanism)
1 Shadow Vampire (pulsating laser cannon mechanism not functioning well)
1 Shadow Spy (one side of right wing joint broken)
1 Command Post (not sure if it is complete)
1 HARV-7 (mint)
1 M-6 Railgunner (mint)
1 Skyroller (mint)
Items still needed:
Shadow Blasttrack
Starbase Command HQ
Starbase Station
Shadow Invader
Missile Fox
SF/B Starhawk
Laser Artillery
Vehicle Repair
Medical Bay
Shadow Bandit
and all those European released figures
Simone Davi eBay Name: e-vader_it email: e-vader@libero.it
My collection:
1 Starhawk
1 Six-Shooter
2 Starbase Command
1 Starbase Station (missing turret guns)
1 Starmax Bomber
2 Starwolf
2 Battlecrane (both missing pilot)
1 Sidewinder
1 Tornado Gunship
2 H.A.R.V.-7 (1 in bad condition)
2 Laser Rat
2 M-6 Railgunner
1 Missile Fox
1 Skyroller
1 Command post
1 Medical Bay
1 Laser Artillery
1 Vehicle Repair
1 Shadow Bat
2 Shadow Parasite
2 Shadow Spy
1 Shadow Bandit
1 Shadow Vampire
1 Shadow Invader
1 Shadow Raider
1 Shadow Blast Track
1 Shadow Upriser
Items still needed:
Big Cannon Fortress
Missile Station
Attack Trike
Emperor Dark
Lt. Bob Rogers
Sgt. Red Baker
Pfc. Al Evans
Sgt. Bill Travers
Sgt. Victor Rivera
Sgt. Hector Morales
Cpl. Storn
Cpl. Slash
Double Fighter
Martin Heckt eBay Name: Lumpawarump email: xChewiex@t-online.de
My collection:
Everything's loose but in very good Condition.
1 Starbase Sation
2 Starbase Command
1 Medical Bay
1 Laser R.A.T.
1 M-6 Railgunner
2 Missile Fox
1 Skyroller
1 Starmax Bomber
1 F-1400 Starwolf
2 Battlecrane
2 Sidewinder
1 Tornado Gunship
1 Six Shooter
1 Shadow Bat
1 Shadow Parasite
2 Shadow Invader
1 Shadow Vampire
2 Shadow Spy
1 Shadow Bandit
Items still needed:
1 Big Cannon Fortress
1 Command Post
1 Vehicle Repair
1 Laser Artillery
1 Missile Station
1 H.A.R.V. 7
1 Starmax Bomber
1 SF/B Starhawk
1 Double Fighter
1 Shadow Parasite
1 Shadow Raider
1 Shadow Blast Track
1 Shadow Upriser
1 Shadow Mini Tank
1 Shadow Attack Trike
Dirk Hentschel eBay Name: ??? email: 16179@stud.uni-lueneburg.de
My collection:
Starbase command headquarter (complete+figure)
Starmax bomber (complete+figure)
M-6 Railgunner (complete+figure)
Shadow Bat (complete+figure)
Shadow Vampire (complete+figure)
Shadow Parasite (complete+figure)
Shadow Parasite (complete+figure, some stickers missing)
Shadow Invader (complete+figure)
Col. James Derringer (complete)
Sgt. Ed Kramer (complete)
Lt. Bob Rogers (complete)
Col. Paul Corbin (complete)
Pfc. Al Evans (complete)
Pfc. John Jefferson (complete)
Sgt. Hector Morales (complete)

Col. John Griffin (complete)
Capt. Pete Yablonski (complete)
Pfc. Rusty Caldwell (complete)
General Von Dar (with weapon, cable and backpack, visor missing)
Sgt. Von Rodd (complete)
General Torvek (complete)
Sgt. Hack (with weapon, cable and backpack, Visor missing)
Sgt. Borek (complete)
Cpl. Agon 6 (complete)
Arnaud Heyser eBay Name: arnodotf email: arnodotf@caramail.com
My collection:
1 Starbase Command Center MISB (European box)
1 Six-Shooter MISB (European box)
2 Mini-Tank MISB (European boxes)
1 Mini-Tank MIB (opened box with fringed corner) + driver Cpt. Hydrone (european repaint)
3 Attack Trike MISB (European boxes)
2 Skyroller MISB (European boxes)
2 Starhawk MISB (European boxes)
1 Tornado Gunship MISB (European box)
2 Missile Fox MISB (European boxes)
2 Shadow Bandit MISB (European boxes)
1 M-6 Railgunner MIB (US box but french tag price on it !!!)
A complete set of all StarWing action figures MOC. (European cards)
A complete set of all Astro Marines action figures MOC. (European cards)
A complete set of all Starbase Command action figures MOC. (European cards)
A carded european 2-Pack ("Hammer" and Gen. Torvek)
3 Emperor Dark mail-away's (canadian)
Sylvain Heyser eBay Name: lord_byron@caramail.com and master-of-toys email: lord_byron@caramail.com and azertyqsd@caramail.com
My collection:
2 Starbase Command (1 sealed european box and 1 open american box)
1 Starbase Station (open box)
1 Starmax Bomber (loose in very bad condition)
2 Battlecrane (1 open box and 1 loose very bad cond.)
1 F-1400 Starwolf (loose)
1 Tornado Gunship (sealed box)
2 Starhawk (1 sealed box and 1 open box)
4 Skyroller (1 sealed box and 3 open boxes)
2 Missile Fox (1 sealed box and 1 open box)
2 Harv-7 (1 open box and 1 loose in very bad condition)
1 Laser RAT (open box)
2 M-6 Railgunner (1 loose good cond. and 1 very bad cond.)
1 Shadow Raider (open box)
1 Shadow Invader (open box)
1 Shadow Parasite (loose good cond.)
1 Shadow Bat (loose very bad cond.)
2 Shadow Bandit (1 sealed box and 1 open box)
1 Shadow Spy (sealed box)
1 Six Shooter (sealed box)
3 Mini-tank (1 sealed box and 2 open boxes)
3 Attack trike (1 sealed box, 1 open box and 1 loose good cond.
Single Figures:
Derringer (2 on europ. cards, 1 loose)
1 Derringer on a europ. "Jefferson" card
Rogers (2 on europ. cards, 1 loose)
Baker (2 on europ. cards (2 different weapons), 2 loose)
Evans (2 on europ. cards, 1 loose)
Travers (3 on europ. cards, 2 loose)
Rivera (1 on europ. card)
Jefferson (5 on europ. card, 2 loose)
Corbin (2 on europ. card, 3 loose)
Morales (3 on europ. card, 2 loose)
Yablonsky (4 on europ. card, 2 loose)
Caldwell (5 on europ. card, 3 loose)
Reed (5 on europ. card, 2 loose)
Griffin (4 on europ. card, 3 loose)
Emperor Dark (1 with the baggie)
Ramor (3 loose)
Borek (1 loose)
Storn (1 loose)
Rodd (2 loose)
Hack (1 loose)
Slash (2 loose)
Agon (1 loose)
Torvek (2 loose)
Von Dar (2 loose)
European Exclusives:
1 blister (Yank/Von Dar)
Yank (1 loose)
Speed (1 loose)
Hammer (1 loose)
???? (1 loose) ( 1 starbase)
Howl (1 loose)
Gorn (1 loose)
Cronax (1 loose)
Hydrone (1 loose)
+ some extra pilots
Jufri Jermaain eBay Name: upitreks email: upi81@singnet.com.sg
My collection:
F-1400 Starwolf ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
F-1400 Starwolf ( European ) Mint in box
Sidewinder ( European ) Mint in box
Skyroller ( European ) Mint in box
H.A.R.V-7 ( European) Mint in box
H.A.R.V-7 ( USA ) Mint in box
Missile Fox ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Battlecrane ( European ) Mint in box
Battlecrane ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Battlecrane ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Battlecrane ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Laser R.A.T ( European ) Mint in box
M-6 Railgunner ( European) Mint in box
M-6 Railgunner ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Starbase Command (U.S.A ) Mint in box

Sgt. Hector Morales ( Euro ) Mint on card
Pfc. Al Evans ( Euro ) Mint on card
L.A.S.E.R Rat Loose
M-6 Railgunner Loose
Tornado Gunship Loose
Starcom PAL Video ( Euro ) Mint
Shadow Parasite ( European) Mint in box
Shadow Spy ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Shadow Bandit ( U.S.A ) Mint in box
Shadow Raider ( European ) Mint in box
Shadow Raider ( U.S.A ) Loose with box
Shadow Vampire ( U.S.A ) Loose with box
Sgt. Von Rodd ( U.S.A ) Mint on card
Sgt. Borek ( U.S.A ) Mint on card
Ward Schultz eBay Name: c-ward email: samward@telusplanet.net
My collection: All boxed items opened.
1 EMPEROR DARK (my favorite action figure)
All U.S. release figs carded and loose.
2 European single carded figs.
1 Starmax (miss. side guns)
5 Starmax 'wrecks' awaiting custom work
1 Mint Starbase Command
1 Mint Starbase
2 Mint Starwolf
2 Customized Skyrollers
All four pods
1 incomplete Tornado Gunship
2 Missile Fox
4 Laser Rat
4 Battle Crane
A 25 lb. box of loose and broken Starcom for custom scenes (a lot of stuff).
Looking for mint StarHawk
Tobias Thiel eBay Name: starmaxbomber email: webmaster@schoolwar.de
My collection:
2 German Videos ("Die Schlittenfahrt", "Der Trojanische Crowbar")
1 Starmax Bomber (missing the side guns)
1 F-1400 Starwolf
1 Battlecrane
1 Sidewinder
1 Starbase Command
1 Medical Bay
1 Command Post
1 H.A.R.V. 7
2 Tornado Gunships (1 in great condition and 1 damaged)
1 Shadow Vampire
1 Shadow Raider
1 Shadow Bandit
1 ShadowBat
1 Shadow Parasite
1 Shadow Spy (with opened box and insertions)
1 Shadow Invader (boxed)
1 Col. James Derringer
Items still needed:
Everything that is not listed, especially:
Starhawk and Sixshooter.
Sven Bjorn Ter Wisscha eBay Name: none email: swisscha_ter@hotmail.com
My collection:
1 Shadow Parasite
1 Laser R.A.T.
1 M6 Railgunner
1 Battlecrane
1 H.A.R.V.7
Items still needed:
2 Starmax Bombers
4 F-1400 Starwolf's
1 Shadow Battle Cruiser
1 Shadow Parasite
1 Sixshooter 1 Double-Fighter
1 Missilefox
1 Medical Bay Mobile Action Pod
1 Big Cannon Fortress Mobile Action Pod
1 Shadow Upriser
1 Command Post Mobile Action Pod
1 Vehicle Repair Mobile Action Pod
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