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Malvanna LINKS
The Shadow Realm
This is a another site that showcases Starcom and also has a trade list that you may find helpful.
Cartoons Online
This website showcases toys and cartoons mostly from the 80's. Be sure to take a look at this website from Singapore.
The Virtual Toy Chest
This is another great site that showcases many toys from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's. There is a lot to see here and the site has great pictures.
80's Archives.com
This site not only archives more than 20 different 80's toy lines, it also features an extensive collector section, donating valuable tips on grading, maintenance, storage and more. Furthermore you'll be able to talk 80's toys with other collectors on the discussion board, or find the toy you need in the trading forum. Be sure to check out the Starcom section.
Starcom Space Force Email List
This is the start of a Starcom club for this site. We're just trying to get an idea of how many collectors there are out there and help bring them all together to a place they can chat through email. When you subscribe you have the ability to get email, read it online or have it sent to you as one bulk email. Its a pretty cool system and way to keep in touch with all the Starcom collectors.
Starcom The Online Archives
This is the new improved Starcom site from Mikkel Small. Its really well done and informative. Make sure to view the entire site for other 80's toys.
Worldwide Starcom Collectors Online Shop
This is the very first Starcom Shop website. This website is run by a long time member of the Starcom email list. I hope to see lots of rare and hard to get items here.
Starcom Figure Identification Page
This is the site to visit, if you're looking to quickly identify your figures. The creator of this site has taken all the figure images from our site and put together a nice chart for rapid identification of both Starcom and Shadow Force figures. He even has this in a Microsoft Word format file.
You can buy Starcom figures and vehicles here. They are also a great source for collectible new and vintage robot toys and action figures.
The Unofficial Starcom Page
Dan is a member of the Starcom club and list. He's in the process of developing his own tribute for Starcom. Please take time to visit his site too.
YesterdayLand has a synopsis of the cartoon series as well as a place to place memories and messages about the cartoon series.

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