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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
Derringer using Magna-Lock It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.
Martin Joynes, an ex-Coleco UK division employee, has kindly supplied this to us. He rescued it from the waste bin when Coleco UK closed down. This was an initial treatment that sort of sets the scene for the characters etc...
The Starcom Bible was typewritten originally (as opposed to word-processed) on plain paper. We decided to keep the pages exactly the way the original was on the typewritten sheets, such as page breaks, underlining, even misspellings. Martin's own comments will be shown within square brackets like this: [one of Martin's comments].
The following are pages 1 through 10.
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The U.S Space Force
Top Secret

The U.S Space Force
[In stylized handwriting in the left-hand margin, the note "Earth mentioned in backstory only"]
Written by:
Brynne Stephens
Revised Draft:

The U.S. Space Force
This is a show about heroes; about exploration, conflict, adventure and excitement, set against the backdrop of the colonization of the Solar System.
A cooperative effort of STARBASE COMMAND, STARWING, and the ASTRO MARINES, STARCOM is the premier peacekeeping force in the growing planetary community.
Our heroes are an ensemble of the best and the brightest, led by Colonels John Derringer, John Griffin and Paul Corbin better known as DASH, SLIM and CROWBAR who make full use of their ultra-sophisticated vehicles and state of the art technology.
The main obstacle to this peaceful endeavor is the sinister, mysterious EMPEROR DARK. Assisted by his SHADOW FORCE, an army of powerful vehicles, evil warriors, and Robot Drones, his ultimate plan is to rule the solar system in the mad belief that everyone would benefit from his dictatorship.
Dangerous frontiers, the thrill of discovery and the basic conflict between opposing forces are enhanced and enlivened by the mystery of the OBELISKS [shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey?]. These unusual structures, first discovered on Mars, are artifacts of the ancient, long-departed alien Builders. Some believe that they hold secrets of untold knowledge and incredible power.
The race for knowledge and the fight to defend freedom are the heart of the courageous adventures of STARCOM.

Personnel Center
Ring Station, Saturn
All StarCom Co-Op Team Admirals
Final Co-op Team Personnel and Vehicle Assignments
Updated Intelligence concerning Movement, Vehicles and Personnel of Interplanetary Terrorist group Codenamed "Shadow Force"

Enclosed please find requested cleared material re Intervention Group codenamed "StarCom". Said information is not to be divulged to anyone save personnel with appropriate security clearances. This material is highly sensitive, top secret - any breach could be disastrous to the entire Inner System Coalition.
Data is, as usual, subject to change without notice. Bear in mind that updating of equipment and applicable technologies occurs on a daily basis. You will be notified by tachyon packet transmission if insertion of new information is necessary.
Franklin Brickley
Admiral, StarCom
Satellite Command


aka "Dash"
CODE: A-59 [Corresponds to Coleco's Die Number?]
RANK: Colonel
SPECIALITY: Battle Commander, Chief Field Officer
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Piloting, Navigation. It is the opinion of this office that Colonel Derringer can ride, drive or fly anything ever born, built or discovered, from a horse to a starship. These abilities are assisted by what appears to be an unerring sense of direction.
SPECIAL TRAINING: Colonel Derringer finished first in his class at the Airwing Flight Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, Earth, and graduated cum laude. He then received extensive post-graduate instruction in the Special Forces Flight School.
SERVICE RECORD: Dash has received numerous commendations for flying skill, heroism and quick thinking and effective action under fire. He has been awarded a Gold Nebula with Cluster for valor during the recent police action involving the Asteroid Belt pirates. Disciplined only once -- for piloting a Microfighter through the Dover-Calais tunnel. The incident caused no damage to property or personnel, either military or civilian, and charges were dropped in light of his exemplary record.
[continued on Page 7]

FAMILY BACKGROUND: His mother is an airship pilot, his father a journalist. Dash and his younger sister spent the latter part of their adolescence on the newer of the colonies, recently set up on Amalthea, one of Jupiter's closer moons. It was just after Dash reached legal adulthood that the Obelisk was discovered on Mars. Needing to be a part of the momentous events unfolding, he joined Starwing, the flying division of StarCom, and earned his wings and a reputation as the hottest pilot in the force in an astonishingly short time. His promotion to Chief Field Officer surprised no one, as he is eminently qualified for the job.
PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Easy going and good-natured, Dash has a quick wit. He has a slight disdain for doing things "by the book" and is always willing to break the rules when it is necessary to save lives. He loves adventure, isn't afraid of danger, and, while he is very much a hero and oftentimes a maverick, is absolutely content with being part of this particular team.
His determination an[d] courage are best summed up by his reaction to any assignment they are given, no matter how dangerous: "Let's get it done!"

aka "Crowbar"
CODE: A-25
RANK: Colonel
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
SPECIALITY: Battle Commander, Chief Field Officer
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Mechanics, Electronics, Robotics - when last tested reviewers were unable to present him with anything that he could not not [sic] take apart and put together again.
SPECIAL TRAINING: Colonel Corbin attended the Astromarine Academy at Fort Bragg Annex, Luna, where his scholastic record was only slightly above average. His astonishing mechanical talents seem to be inherent, their development due to his unique personality and intelligence.
SERVICE RECORD: Decorated several times for heroism under fire, and has received numerous commendations for his effective, if somewhat unorthodox, solutions to complex battlefield problems. BACKGROUND: Father an experimental agriculturist, mother a schoolteacher. Raised on a terraformed farming colony in the rift canyons of Mars.
PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Practical joker, but never with intent to do harm. Crowbar relates more easily to machines than to
[continued on Page 9]

humans, but his wild sense of humor and infectious cackle make him very easy to like. Because of his slightly maniacal nature, everyone was surprised when he was promoted to Chief Field Officer in command of the Astro Marines' battle-hardened ground troops and combat machines, but his almost supernatural skill at fixing and building things made the choice inevitable. Crowbar, like Dash, is willing to throw rules out the airlock when necessary, but his superiors know he will always be there when needed, and will always do his job.

PAGE 10:
aka "Slim"
CODE: A-31
RANK: Colonel
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Weaponry, both modern and antique; Martial Arts.
BACKGROUND: His mother is a molecular surgeon, his father a behavioral physicist. Both parents hold the rank of Major, Starbase Command. Slim was raised on Earth, with his three brothers and four sisters; three of whom hold the rank of Captain, the rest being Lieutenants.
PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Slim was given his nickname by Dash, because of his massive size. He's all muscle - large and extremely powerful. Despite this, he feels much more comfortable sticking to the rules, and takes authority seriously. He pays attention to details and doesn't like to take chances.
His family's history of military service is a long and proud one, dating back to the Civil War when Ulysses S. Grant Field-Promoted Josiah Earl Griffin, making him the first black man ever to attain the rank of four-star general.
[continued on Page 11]

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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