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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
Torvak and Malvanna It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 51 through 60.
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PAGE 51:
RANK: Formerly Commander, Satellite Command. In charge of the Mercury Research Colony at the time of its accidental destruction. Formerly presumed dead.
BACKGROUND: With Ph.D.'s in physics, chemistry, computer science and bio-engineering, Professor Malvanna Wilde seemed the perfect person to head the underground facility on Mercury. Looking to advance her career, lialvanna secretly deleted the one fact from her dossier that might have kept her from receiving the assignment - her rapidly failing health, weakened when she was accidentally exposed to an experimental virus.
At the tirne of the explosion precipitated by Dark's unsafe research, Malvanna was working nearby. The explosion left her trapped and on the verge of death when Dark opened the collapsed tunnel, unintentionally saving her life.
Exposed to the strange radiation from the explosion, Malvanna found that her failing health was somehow renewed. Stronger than she had ever been in her life, Malvanna vowed to unlock the secret of her rebirth - and that of Dark's power.
It was with her help that Dark built the Trine Star, and someday Malvanna hopes to decipher the connection between the ship and Dark's power - and to steal that power for her own.
[continued on Page 52]

PAGE 52:
PERSONAL TRAITS: Ruthless, strong and flamboyant, Malvanna is said to have a look of wild-eyed evil about her, and is outlandishly garish-looking, preferring capes and such to the standard ruilitary issue of the the rest of the Shadow Force. She is very good at political intrigue, constantly trying to destroy the ambitions of General Vondar and General Torvek, and seems to be afraid of nothing and no one - except for Emperor Dark.

PAGE 53:
These are non-sentient mechanical workers, who resemble humans in space suits - but only when sitting still. Any movement at all reveals their mechanical nature. Their gestures are stiff and somewhat slow, and their countless gears and rotors hum and click metallically.
While officially under the aegis of General Torvek, in practice each of Dark's generals commands as many of these versatile machines as needed, and they may be taken anyplace in the solar system. Specialized skills can be improvised as needed, and because they are not really alive, much less human, it would is acceptable to see them destroyed on occasion, should the needs of battle justify it.
The Robot Drones serve one other function, as clever as it is unnerving. Emporer Dark can use these Drones as his eyes and ears, seeing what they see and hearing what they hear. In this way he can spy on anyone of his people at any time - when the Drones aren't spying independently, which they also do.
General Vondar, General Torvek and Malvanna are constantly jockeying for favor, and none is above plotting to overthrow Dark. Each is capable of working Qn their own, so a mission that features one or all of them need not necessarily lead us to Dark.

PAGE 54:
In order to carry out their plans, the Shadow Force has amassed a frighteningly complete arsenal of super-vehicles. Not much is known about their capabilities; incomplete dossiers follow.

PAGE 55:

PAGE 56:
TYPE: Class 1 Stealth Battle Carrier
NAME: Klag
CODE: A-56
RANK: Major
SPECIALTY: Star Commander
NAME: Ramor
CODE: A-50
RANK: Sergeant
SPECIALTY: Weapons Master
BASE: Mobile
EVALUATION: Klag is basically a maniac, no self-control at all. Foul-tempered and quick to scream and holler. Ramor is quietly menacing, but oddly honorable. He is always very definite, once he has made up his mind, only a direct order from Dark can change it. Really spooky.
PURPOSE: The largest of Emperor Dark's arsenal, the Motherships' primary function is bombing. It also transports large quantities of cargo, fuel and personnel wherever needed. Two Parasite Fighters can be carried over long distances on the wings and then
[continued on Page 57]

PAGE 57:
launched for a high speed attack. An Invader can be stowed in the cargo hold.
DEPLOYMENT: Two hidden "wing" railguns unveil, Magnum laser cannon protects the aft section of the craft, underside of fuselage opens to reveal cargo bay, cockpits automatically open.
WEAKNESSES: Hydrazine residue leaves "trail" of detectable sub-atomic particles. Blackskin is subject to total ionic shock when on high speed transatmospheric missions.

PAGE 58:
TYPE: Class 2 Ground Attack Vehicle
NAME: Romak
CODE: A-45
RANK: Major
BATTLE GROUP: Invasion Force
SPECIALTY: Shadow Invader Commander
BASE: Unknown at this time, unsubstantiated sightings on Luna and Mars.
EVALUATION: An aristocrat, Romak is the only one of Dark's minions whose refinement approaches that of his leader.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: Small, extremely fast and agile patrol/attack vehicle has achieved great success as a hit and run specialist. Deceptively strong, it hides a huge EMP artillery piece in its chassis.
DEPLOYMENT: Folds into SCM for transport. Variable, multi-load wheelbase extension system provides stable base for shooting and navigating rough terrain when in deployed mode. Front and rear double-axle suspension struts rotate outward (independantly or together) to reach full wheelbase and ground clearance. EMP cannon deploys from rear, barrel extends for firing; gas-pressure projectile weapons emerge from front.
[continued on Page 59]

PAGE 59:
WEAKNESSES: No armor, flammable liquid fuel, little cover for driver.

PAGE 60:
DESIGNATION: Shadow Force Raider
TYPE: Class 2 Sneak Attack Vehicle
NAME: Battlecron-9
CODE: A-17
RANK: Captain
SPECIALTY: Shadow Raider Commander
NAME: Agon-6
CODE: A-57
RANK: Corporal
BASE: Unsubstantiated sightings reported on Venus and Luna.
EVALUATION: Battlecron-9 and Agon-6 are both Robots with very little personality. Battlecron is able to sound menacing, and Agon-6 has a slightly younger pitch to his voice.
PURPOSE: The Assault Raider is the combination heavy-duty Main Battle Tank and Armored Personnel Carrier of the enemy forces. It is capable of transporting men, materiel and and its monster artillery piece, a Heavy Ordnance Rail Cannon, safely over any terrain, delivering them safely to the battlefield.
[continued on Page 61]

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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