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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 81 through 85.
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PAGE 81:
This domed colony, set on the largest of Jupiter's sixteen moons, is headed by CAPTAIN SWOFFORD, a grizzled old Star Wing man. Among the staff of two dozen or so are the family of James "Dash" Derringer - his father, the famous journalist JONATHON DERRINGER; his mother, airship pilot AMANDA BRENNEN DERRINGER; and his younger sister, xenobiologist LIANNA DERRINGER.

PAGE 82:
Because there is no atmosphere to contain the dust particles, volcanic eruptions on 10 resemble vast sprinklers, spraying dust and debris as high as two hundred eighty kilometers and as wide as one thousand kilometers. At any time at least one of the eight suiphurous volcanoes is erupting.
The temperate zones on 10 stay around eighty one degrees Fahrenheit - and it is one of these temperate zones that Emperor Dark has placed a robot outpost.
10 being what it is, U.S. Space Force cannot approach this base to disable it. The Robot Drones simply stay there - watching.

PAGE 83:
Saturn itself is uninhabitable, but it is in the rings that is found the most important colony of all - the RING STATION: secondary Headquarters of the StarCom. Consisting of a huge central wheel surrounded by an assortment of attached pods, the enormous headquarters of the most powerful force in the galaxy resembles nothing so much as an association of cosmic Tinker Toys.
The central wheel houses the administrative offices, communications center, loading bays, launching platforms and loading docks needed for such an outfit to function. Included here are, of course, the Commander's office and Kelsey's Information Central as well as the SATELLITE COMMAND LAUNCH CENTER. (CODE NUMBER A-11A; Classified dossier and photo representation to be forwarded when cleared.)
Tubes extend from these central areas to the personnel quarters, among~them the very eccentric housing of Dash, Slim and Crowbar. Not content with the standard-issue generic housing offered by military organizations since the first cavemen learned to salute, our heroes have done everything they can to personalize their personal spaces.

PAGE 84:
This is as far as the colonization process has ventured. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - where the last outpost of Builder Obelisks resides, again known only to Dark - are being explored, as are all of the outer planets' moons; but none of these have been settled yet.

PAGE 85:
The above descriptions sum up the personnel and support vehicles available to the elite arm of the U.S. Space Force at this time, as well as the current status of the colonization program. Authorized personnel will be advised of emendations to the above as necessary: new data will be released as appropriate to those with the necessary security clearances.

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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