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Slim The reason for this website is to help in two ways. The first one being to help bring Starcom collectors together by cataloging the toyline made famous by Coleco toys as well as giving them a place to share with other collectors their wants and passion for the awesome toyline everyone has come to appreciate.
The other reason is somewhat similar to the first in that we would like for this toyline to bring us so close together that we as collectors might be able to form some sort of club for Starcom. Things we could get out of it would be for all collectors to try and help one another out in the completion of their collection and possibly develop other areas for this toyline to travel. Things mentioned, could be a customizing section, a trade, wants and sell section as well as a link section for visiting other Starcom appreciation sites.
In closing I would just like to thank everyone who has helped make this website possible and anyone who will help maintain this website. We will keep making this site better and better over time. And one day we will have a completely cataloged source for all collectors to visit with your help.
Thanks for stopping by and taking time to visit the Starcom website.
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