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Crowbar STARCOM: The U.S. Space Force was introduced in 1986 by Coleco toys, who also made the Rambo figures at that time. Compared to other lines from the period, STARCOM was truly superior, but due to bad advertising, it had never really hit as big a audience as for example Masters of the Universe. The line only lasted a mere 2 years in the U.S. It was later purchased by Mattel and released in 1990 in Europe. Four more vehicles and re-paints of some the figures were released there. The toy line is rather big and there are many toys to collect. What is characteristic of STARCOM are the two gimmicks that separated it from other lines. One was the Magna-Lock feature, which was a small magnet implanted into every figure's boots, and on all vehicles and playsets. Sometimes, the Magna-Lock mechanism was simply used to attach a figure to a craft, but on some toys, the magnets would activate the moving parts, such as rotating laser guns. 1 Collector PointThe other special thing about STARCOM was the Power-Deploy action. It was the feature in each vehicle that - without the use of batteries - allowed its wings to fold out, cannons to pop up or unveil secret compartments. It's a shame that Coleco didn't point out that the vehicles did not need batteries when selling the line in America.
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