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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
Emperor Dark It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 41 through 50.
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PAGE 41:
Up until now, there have been no serious human threats to the colonization program. All of the countries on earth have solved their differences and are working together.
There is really only one major threat to the peace of the Solar System. Dossier follows:

PAGE 42:
REAL NAME: Unknown.
RANK: Dictator
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Theoretical Physics, Eugenics
BACKGROUND: According to what records exist, Dark was an extremely brilliant and promising young physicist - one of the few scientists assigned to study the Obelisks found on Mars. He soon became increasingly disillusioned with what he perceived as the slowness of StarCom's way of carrying out experiments. Unfortunately, what he saw as unnecessary bureaucracy was in fact realistic attention to safety precautions. This was tragically proven when Dark, convinced that his way was the only right way, attempted to accelerate the results of an experiment involving a small piece of the Obelisk which had become detached and had been taken to the underground research laboratories on Mercury.
Most of the underground caverns comprising the research colony on Mercury were destroyed in the resulting explosion, along with hundreds of researchers. Dark, trapped in a remote part of the complex, was presumed dead, and the research station was abandoned and declared classified.
Reconstructing the events from exhaustive study of the site before it was classified, we assume that Dark made his way to the mostly intact main laboratory, after what must have been
[continued on Page 43]

PAGE 43:
weeks of painstaking tunneling, probably adapting the lab's equipment as he needed it.
Using the dozen or so surviving Robot Drones, Dark built the Shadow Star - a magnificent mobile base to help him carry out his ultimate plan. What sanity had been taken from him during his ordeal in the tunnels was replaced by a burning mission - and more. Being in contact with the Obelisk fragment when the explosion occurred, Dark was helpless to prevent the intense flow of alien information forced into his mind. He cannot possibly process and decipher the massive quantity of data, and so acts on the only references he can understand - the Obelisks.
There is a rumor, totally unsubstantiated, that Dark has definite proof that there are two more Obelisk clusters; one on Pluto, and one in Saturn's rings. No member of StarCom has ever been able to locate any evidence that this is so, but the rumors persist.
Emperor Dark's mission seems to be to gain access to all three Obelisk clusters. Since Mars and Saturn are (and one day even Pluto will be) under the protection of Starcom, the only way he can achieve his goal is to dominate the solar system - and disband or destroy Starcom.
He calls this plan, and the three planets with their alien treasures "The Grand Trine". (This is also the name he uses for
[continued on Page 44]

PAGE 44:
his corporation - even Dark must feed and clothe his employees, and equip his factories, all of which takes money.) He has committed his life - and the lives of everyone in the solar system - to achieving his goal. Dark strongly believes that he can use the knowledge contained in the forests of carved Obelisks to re-order the human race, with himself as leader and god - but only when he has access to all three Obelisk clusters will he be able to decipher the information he carries locked away in his mind.
PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: We have put together a tentative profile. Dark's confidence is absolute. He rarely raises his voice, or his hand. (We were reminded of the archival film star Christopher Lee in his prime - that cool, that dignified, and that terrifying.) No one has seen the full range of Dark's evil talents, but the glimpses reported hint at power of awesome scope.
Using the vast computer banks ranged along the entire wall of his inner sanctum aboard the Shadow star, Dark can apparently command an astonishing array of the physical forces. We do not understand the full implications of this, but we are certain that the power comes from the ship itself, and not from within Dark. We suspect the existence of a highly sophisticated implanted interface which would allow Dark to be physically connected to his vast power source, but this is as yet unsubstantiated. It is reasonable to deduce, however, that it is because of this connection that he very rarely leaves the ship,
[continued on Page 45]

PAGE 45:
preferring to remain very much in the background as his cohorts work to carry out his mysterious plans.
Further research has told us that Dark has used his power to put together an entire military organization. This Shadow Force consists of enough state of the art manpower and vehicle power to rival that of StarCom. We have also learned a fair amount about his command crew, the three generals who most often execute his sinister machinations...
[end on Page 45]

PAGE 46:
REAL NAME: Unknown
CODE: A-58
RANK: General
BATTLE GROUP: Invasion Force and Starmada
SPECIALTY: Star Conqueror
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Piracy, Kidnapping, Hijacking, Larceny both Petite and Grande. General Vondar is basically a space pirate who has thrived in the backstabbing environment of the shadow Force, managing to curry favor and rise to power. He can steal anything, anytime, from anywhere. He is a master of electronic weaponry and his left hand is bionically altered to accommodate a removable appliance designed to maximize use of a wide variety of lockpicking and hotwiring equipment, but no weapons as such.
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Over confident, petulant, and crazed for power, General Vondar is the main "front man" for Dark. It is General Vondar who most often must carry out Dark's plans and endures the wrath of his master when he is inevitably defeated by StarCom. Like all of Dark's disloyal senior officers, General Vondar longs for the day when he will find a way to defeat Dark and take over his empire for himself. But, needless to say, he doesn't dare mention such a thing in Dark's presence.

PAGE 47:
(This Page Classified)

PAGE 48:
REAL NAME: Unknown
CODE: A-49
RANK: General
SPECIALTY: Robot Conqueror
AREA OF EXPERTISE: Robots. Looking at a hard-won telephoto of the full metallic mask and grid that serve as his face, there can be no doubt that Torvek is anything but human. He is entirely fabricated, able to see, hear and smell things indetectable to an ordinary human, as well as having accelerated reflexes and bio-electrically refined muscles, built to withstand the stresses of his more-than-human control. General Torvek commands a vast army of ROBOT DRONES which are useful to Dark for many of his schemes. This is the only reason Dark keeps General Torvek around, for he can't tolerate the disembodied metallic voice of the "robo-sapien," nor can he relate to Torvek's ice cold affect and overdependence on logic. Also - Because Torvek was built by Dark, his loyalty is programmed in. He can initiate aggression on behalf of Dark, but never against him. His logic is also faulty, and sometimes backfires on him, but Torvek is never to be taken lightly.

PAGE 49:
Reports indicate that General Vondar and General Torvek are constantly bickering, trying to one up each other or cause the other to fall from grace and power. We are definitely interested in devoting time and resources to studying the relationships within Dark's organization, independently of Dark, himself.

PAGE 50:
There is a third member of Dark's "leadership triumvirate." (Dark seems to like things in "threes".) While she has no apparent official rank, she too commands many of Dark's forces and has frequently become a threat to Starcom either on behalf of Dark or in some scheme all her own. She is known simply as...

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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