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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
3 Field Commanders It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 21 through 30.
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PAGE 21:
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: The R.A.T. is used for short range tactical missions, quick strike manuevers, ground patrol of bases, small payload and armament delivery. Extremely effective when dispatched in large contingents. Can be transported in rear and top cargo carriers of Starmax.
DEPLOYMENT: Standard Cargo Module configuration allows for transport by Starmax or Battle Crane. Lateral and longitudinal wheelbase extension; driver's cockpit, gunner's station and top mounted dual laser cannons lock into position; two rapid-fire pulse lasers shoot over a 90 degree arc.
WEAKNESSES: Highly vulnerable to rear attack.

PAGE 22:
DESIGNATION: M-6 Railgunner
TYPE: Class 2 Ground Attack
CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner, and two Astro Marine Ground Troopers when deployed. Unable to hold personnel when in (closed) Standard Cargo Mode.
DRIVER: Rick Ruffing
CODE: A-14
RANK: Captain
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
SPECIALITY: Anti-Armor Commander
GUNNER: John "Cowboy" Jefferson
CODE: A-26
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
[No RANK given...]
BASE: Luna
EVALUATION: Captain Ruffing is very stable. M-6 Railgunner Instructor at Fort Bragg Annex. A few years older than most operators. Somewhat humorless. Cowboy is just that.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: The Raider 6x6 [sic] is a powerful land rover used in ground invasions for both long and short range attacks. Its primary role is as a tank buster, able to make out enemy armor at maximum range, and disable the tanks before they can bring their
[continued on Page 23]

PAGE 23:
more powerful guns to bear against Marine ground forces.
These vehicles are also very useful for the scientific teams and colonists on the surfaces of Mars and Luna.
DEPLOYMENT: In Standard Cargo Mode the 6x6 is easily transported by the Starmax to command posts for combat missions. Second tier extension allows driver and vehicle concealment while gunner fires from below apparent horizon. The 6x6 is equipped for front and rear wheelbase extension, and reveals two high frequency EMP cannons with long range extension sleeves and 360 degree shooting capability; driver's cockpit opens; front mounted lasers pivot over 90 degree arc.
WEAKNESSES: Slow open field speed makes Raider 6x6 [sic] vulnerable to air attack.
[end Page 23]

PAGE 24:
DESIGNATION: F-1400 Starwolf
TYPE: Class 1 Flexwing Astro Fighter
OPERATOR: Tom "Bandit" Waldron
CODE: A-22
RANK: Lieutenant
SPECIALITY: Astro Fighter Pilot
BASE: Ishtar Terra, Venus; Adjutant to Captain Hayes
EVALUATION: Excellent eyesight. Shy around people (especially women.) Only shows self-confidence when piloting F-1400.
PURPOSE: The smallest of the U.S. Space Force vehicles, the F-1400 is a quick-strike attack fighter equipped with sophisticated electronic early-warning and navigation equipment. Exceptional acceleration enables the Microfighter to get close to its target and still make a safe getaway. Very effective on low-flying missions where the terrain- mapping radar "reads" the topography, allowing the F-1400 close flight near mountains, cliffs and other protection. Often works in tandem with contingents of 4x4's. [Laser RAT's]
DEPLOYMENT: Standard Cargo Module configuration allows long range
[continued on Page 25]

PAGE 25:
transport by Starmax to battlesites for tactical raids. Wings and nosecone double as shields to protect the pilot should he be shot down. Canard nosecone and triple-tiered, low drag flex-wings lock into position; high- energy lasers rotate 210 degrees to shoot front and rear; quick action landing gear lock into place, canopy lifts for pilot to get in and out.
WEAKNESSES: Short range; susceptible to EMP shockwaves.
[end Page 25]

PAGE 26:
DESIGNATION: Battle Crane and Universal Cargo Module
TYPE: Combat Cargo Lifter
CAPACITY: Pilot; Standard Cargo Module carries four Starwingers in full suit.
OPERATOR: Bob Anders
CODE: A-23
RANK: Sergeant
SPECIALITY: Lifter Pilot
BASE: Mars, assigned to Captain Tim Murphy
EVALUATION: A tendency toward bragging behavior. Swaggers, but is not competitive in a manner inconsistent with U.S. Space Force behavioral guidelines.
PURPOSE: Basically similar in function to what was once known as a "helicopter". Tactical battlefield support, also used by research colonists to carry technical equipment to onsite experiments. Can double as an evac ambulance. Can be carried by other vehicles when in Transport Mode. Equipped for vertical take-off and landing, the Battle Crane is invaluable for airlifting cargo, personnel and supplies.
DEPLOYMENT: Cockpit and side mounted laser guns unfold in front,
[continued on Page 27]

PAGE 27:
large laser under cockpit pivots 90 degrees and extends outwward, [sic] landing gear extends vertically and horizontally over scm modules, automatic SCM release, rockets deploy at rear for propulsion.
WEAKNESSES: Very limited defense; any firepower greater than a laser will knock it out of the sky.
[end Page 27]

PAGE 28:
TYPE: Heavy Armed Recovery Vehicle
CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner, up to eight additional Astro Marine Ground Troopers.
DRIVER: Champ O'Ryan
CODE: A-21
RANK: Staff Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
SPECIALITY: Recovery Leader
GUNNER: Al "Cannon" Evans
CODE: A-28
RANK: Private, First Class
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
BASE: Luna
EVALUATION: Staff Sgt. O'Ryan is extremely tough. Expert on mining operations having once served abord [sic] an Asteroid Belt mining ship. PFC. Evans (Cannon) is a large, quietly lethal gunner, never speaking more than a few words at a time and rarely missing a target.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: Carries fuel pods, as well as personnel.
[continued on Page 29]

PAGE 29:
Very heavily armed.
DEPLOYMENT: Pod-lifter derrick swings back to load/unload Standard cargo mudules [sic], rear stabilizer locks into position. Metal strips on flat bed area to Magnalock carry eight Astro Marine Ground Troopers.
WEAKNESSES: Attempting to load or unload fuel pods with damaged or missing stabilizers could cause H.A.R.V. to "turtle". Extremely dense armatures would make it impossible to right without heavy machinery. Carries volatile fuel, danger of explosive combustion.

PAGE 30:
TYPE: Class 1 Transport Missile Cruiser
PILOT: Rip Malone
CODE: A-20
RANK: Captain
SPECIALITY: Transtar Commander
NAVIGATOR: Bob T. Rogers
CODE: A-29
RANK: Lieutenant
SPECIALITY: Astrogation
GUNNER: Red Baker
CODE: A-32
RANK: Sergeant
SPECIALITY: Weapons Chief
BASE: Ring Station, Saturn, deployed as needed
EVALUATION: Captain Malone is unflappable, charming. An old-fashioned Southern gentleman. Lieutenant Rogers is young, and retains a remarkable "gee whiz" outlook, despite his professional expertise. Lieutenant Baker is also young, but hides his
[continued on Page 31]

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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