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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
General Torvek It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 11 through 20.
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PAGE 11:
It is because of this heritage that Slim takes his job very seriously. Slim's general attitude toward the unexpected is one of having been betrayed: "That's not in the handbook!"

PAGE 12:
The relationship between these three is unique, and defies analysis. The following exchange, taken from a flight holorecorder, is excerpted here from the team's last psychiatric evaluation. (The exchange is noteworthy in that the U.S. Space Force team had just been trapped by Emperor DAARK' [sic] army in a drone probe pod that was sinking steadily into the clouds of Venus, where it would soon be crushed by the immense atmospheric pressure.)
I told you we should've gone by the book. "No StarCom member shall, under any circumstances, board an unpowered pod." Section C, sub-paragraph nine.
You're right, Slim. We deserve to be crushed like a sardine can under a steam roller.
Wait! Maybe I can jury-rig the repellor fields to give us some buoyancy!
(To Slim)
I dunno is that in the rule book, Slim?
It is now!
(To Crowbar)
Do it!

PAGE 13:
RANK: Admiral, U.S. Space Force Starbase Command
PROFILE: Adm. Buckley is a Bureaucrat. Headquartered in the Ring Station, Saturn, it is his special duty to oversee the activities of Dash, Slim and Crowbar. This is obviously not an easy task, but the Admiral bears up under his duties with grace and dignity. He is a good soldier, if a little overly concerned with regulations. It is the opinion of the Psych Team that in his heart of hearts he misses being out in the field, sharing in the adventure and sense of fun our heroes are so proud of.
While this situation is made easier by the fact that the Admiral is sometimes forced by circumstances to leave the safety of the Satellite Command Center to get directly involved in a combat situation, these times are extremely rare. Generally the Commander is required to remain very much in the background. According to reports this necessary inactivity causes him to come down hard on the three younger officers, but he occasionally allows some infraction to get by.

PAGE 14:
RANK: Lieutenant, Starbase Command
PROFILE: Kelsey is Commander Brickley's personal assistant, and her area of expertise is information. It is her job to see that the Commander has all of the data he needs to make command decisions, and she does this very well. Level-headed and bright, she is also a bit of a rebel, and is her influence that keeps the Commander from becoming too stuffy and allows him to let out the more adventurous side of his nature from time to time. She is efficient almost to the point of telepathy, and is always ready to match wits (and witticisms) with Dash. According to our sources, she finds it both amusing and flattering that he and Slim compete constantly for her attention, and if she prefers one to the other, she doesn't say.

PAGE 15:
REAL NAME: General Efficiency Neo-Intelligent Entity
PROFILE: G.E.N.I.E.'s area of expertise is causing trouble. A walking personal computer, there is one like her assigned to every StarCom team. They serve as message center, telephone, dietician and vitamin dispenser, diagnostic computer, equipment troubleshooter and housekeeper. Thanks to some tinkering by Crowbar, however, this one is in one way different from all of the others she has the personality of an overprotective mother.
Though they see each other rarely days may go by Genie always picks up exactly where she left off. Alternately harassing and smothering, she is constantly after the team to get their feet off the table, eat their vegetables and sit up straight. She nags but never humiliates. Having no feelings of her own, she is programmed to be sensitive to the feelings of her charges, and never embarrasses them, or causes their basically heroic natures to be compromised, the rare times that they are with her.
Slim, who was often lost in the crows of his brothers and sisters, apparently relishes this maternal attention and won't let Crowbar rewire her personality back the way it was. Crowbar and Dash also suspect that Genie serves as a pair of mechanical eyes and ears for the Admiral, but even Kelsey won't confirm or
[continued on Page 16]

PAGE 16:
deny this.

PAGE 17:
These are the main ranking members of StarCom. In addition there are several other junior officers and "noncom" enlisted types who serve under our four senior ranking U.S. Space Force officers. Many of these "Star Wingers," "Astro Marines," and "Starbase Commanders" occasionally aid the main team in their various assignments.
Basic dossiers follow information will be added as it is declassified.
[continued on Page 18]

PAGE 18:

PAGE 19:
NOTE: While it is not general practice to include personnel dossiers in the weaponry files, the unique relationship of these operators and their vehicles suggests no other logical way to present them.
Each ranking operator is assigned a specific type of vehicle. No operator is classified for use of any other vehicle that that which he has been assigned, with the exception of the members of the StarCom Special Cooperative Teams, who possess across the board clearance for use of any vehicle which they deem necessary for the success of whatever mission they are engaged in.

PAGE 20:
TYPE: Class 1 Rapid Assault Vehicle
CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner, will hold two Astro Marine Ground Troopers on rear.
DRIVER: Vic "Dakota" Hayes
CODE: A-24
RANK: Captain
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
SPECIALITY: Assault Leader
GUNNER: Bill Travers
CODE: A-36
RANK: Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Astro Marines
SPECIALITY: Laser Gunner
BASE: Ishtar Terra, Venus
EVALUATION: Captain Hayes is said to be very cool under fire, tends to abide by rules, easy going. Close friend of Colonel John "Slim" Griffin. Sgt. Travers is a farm boy, raised on a back-to-nature commune on Earth. He is earnest and sincere, much to the amusement of his fellow Astro Marines.
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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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