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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 61 through 70.
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PAGE 61:
[continued from Page 60]
DEPLOYMENT: Converts from protected carrier mode, with troops and the H.O. Rail Cannon safely within its armored walls, to its battle ready gun platform configuration. Armored sidewalls to allow hydraulic railgun mount to elevate gun up into firing position,' then close up again for mobility; side mounted laser cannons deploy; ramp to cargo bay (capable of carrying a small vehicle or SCM) opens.
WEAKNESSES: Relatively high profile and slow speed make it vulnerable to missile and bombing attack. Reactor's intense heat output makes it an easy infrared target for heat-seeking missiles.

PAGE 62:
DESIGNATION: Shadow Force Parasite
TYPE: Class 1 One-Man Attack Fighter
NAME: Magg
CODE: A-16
RANK: Lieutenant
SPECIALTY: Parasite Pilot
BASE: Unsubstantiated sightings in the atmosphere of Jupiter.
EVALUATION: An older man, much more patient than most of Dark's other people. All the more menacing for his fatherly personality.
PURPOSE: Ultra high speed pursuit and aerial combat. Dogfighter par excellence, with exceptional maneuvering and evasive abilities. A more than formidable opponent for any Microfighter. Wing design makes craft inherently unstable, but the four onboard guidance computers keep it stable and responsive to pilot commands. In dogfights, computers can be momentarily switched off, causing craft to tumble wildly, which is an excellent evasive maneuver.
DEPLOYMENT: In undeployed mode the PF22 can be transported to battle areas on the Mothership for high speed launching. Wings
[continued on Page 63]

PAGE 63:
extend for high-speed flight; railguns deploy from fuselage and extend for long-range fighting, canopy lifts for the pilot to get in and out; engine deploys for maximum thrust.
WEAKNESSES: Short range; excessive G-Force on high speed turns can cause pilot blackout. Guidance computers are vulnerable to EMP weapons causing instant crash-and-burn.

PAGE 64:
DESIGNATION: Shadow Blackwing
TYPE: Class 2 V/HTOL Fighter/Bomber
OPERATOR: Captain Stunn
RANK: Captain, Invasion Force
BASE: Unknown
EVALUATION: Classified, to be forwarded pending approval.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: Vertical Take Off and Landing fighter bomber excels in aerial battles due to maneuvering advantages of multi-directional main thrusters. Also used for convoy attack and occasional solo search-and-destroy missions.
DEPLOYMENT: Engine pods swivel to direct thrusters in any configuration required, electromagnetic railguns swivel to aim and have "recoil" booster action.

PAGE 65:
NAME: Borek
CODE: A-47
RANK: Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Invasion Attack Force
EVALUATION: Very easy going, A fair man who serves Dark out of belief in the Emperor's cause. He is strong-willed and very reasonable.
NAME: Slash
CODE: A-48
RANK: Corporal
BATTLE GROUP: Invasion Attack Force
EVALUATION: An older man, very bitter. He takes no joy in anything, except possibly seeing that no one else is happy, either.
NAME: Von Rodd
CODE: A-55
RANK: Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Starmada Attack Force
EVALUATION: Truly evil. Von Rodd enjoys being wicked solely for its own sake. Totally amoral. Not very bright.

PAGE 66:
We have reports of other troublemakers and would-be dictators - both additional members of the Shadow Force and totally unrelated, unaffiliated villains. They're not always human, but they are always colorful and very dangerous.

PAGE 67:
The Shadow Force is, however, not the only concern of this report. There is an entire solar system out there, with problems and dangers constantly requiring the special skills of our Co-Op Teams. Here then, is the latest information on...

PAGE 68:
(The following precis are extracted from JANE'S ALL THE WORLDS' PLANETARY BASES AND SYSTEM RESOURCES, edition 414, 2050: London SW 14, England, UK, UN, Earth. Reproduced by kind permission of the editors.)

PAGE 69:
The surface of Mercury is inhospitable beyond the dreams of man: a sunbaked inferno swiftly lethal to flesh, synthetics and metal alike. No one ventures outside there, not for any reason, not even for a second.
Vehicles leaving and arriving must do so from a launchpoint facing away from the sun. Even subspace radio is subject to interference from sunspots and ion storms.
Some of the tunnels and research facilities are still buried from the explosion that closed down the research colony. It is reasonable to assume that equipment vital to the scientists of the U.S. Space Force was lost in the accident.
The research laboratories were classified and restricted due to possible radiation leakage from the accident. Only a mission of extreme urgency would require a landing there.

PAGE 70:
Venus is subject to extremes of temperature - as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit - atmospheric pressure up to one hundred times that of Earth, violent windstorms, and in the upper atmosphere, a constant, concentrated rain of sulfuric acid.
There is only one colony on Venus, a small research station set at the top of Ishtar Terra; a seventeen kilometer tall plateau, high enough that the temperature is a manageable 210 degrees Fahrenheit, but still low enough that the acid rain is whipped back into the upper atmosphere with a few kilometers safety margin. Solar powered cooling units keep the domed laboratory at a comfortable temperature, while the scientists and technologists research ways to harness the power of the awesome Venerian winds.
The colony is headed by Captain Vic "Dakota" Hayes, a young and very talented research scientist and a special friend of Colonel John "Slim" Griffin.
(See Vehicle and Personnel Dossiers for Cross-reference.)

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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