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Provided courtesy of: Martin Joynes, martin.joynes@bbc.co.uk
Crowbar It runs to 85 pages, was written by Brynne Stephens, and is Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986.

The following are pages 31 through 40.
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PAGE 31:
relative youth behind a sophisticated, slightly cynical façade.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: The Starmax has multiple functions including high-speed bombing, long and short range electromagnetic warfare, high altitude reconnaisance missions, cargo and army transport.
DEPLOYMENT: Converts from long-range Transtar configuration to battle ready mode by locking wings into position, sliding EMP rail guns out from under pilot's cockpit. Vertical smart missiles launch, side mounted laser cannons rotate 180 degrees, top mounted twin laser cannons rotate 360 degrees, rear cargo bay automatically opens and landing gear drops into position. Can carry two Flexwing Microfighters, one in cargo hold, one on top. Can also carry Standard Cargo Modules and Standard Personnel Modules.
The Starmax Bombers all carry the Transtar Warp Drive, which allows them to open a tunnel in hyperspace, allowing travel through a universe in which the speed of light is much faster than it is in this one. This provides faster-than-light travel without the problem of relativistic effects. This capability cannot be used among the innermost planets, because the strain on the space-time continuum too close to a star could cause the star to go nova, destroying all of the innermost planets. The safest distance for use of the Starbridges is outside the orbit of Mars.
WEAKNESSES: Light armor on undercarriage, vulnerable to ground attack.

PAGE 32:
TYPE: Class 1 Strategic Fighter
CAPACITY: Two Starwing Fighter Pilots
OPERATOR: Jeff Carrier
RANK: Lieutenant, Starwing
SPECIALITY: Fighter Pilot
BASE: Ring Station, Saturn, Deployed as needed
EVALUATION: Slow moving, deceptively quiet. Speaks eighteen languages.
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE: Low-level bombing and strafing runs in support of Marine battlefield assaults, medium-range solo bombing missions against military targets, convoy defense patrol.
DEPLOYMENT: Converts from high speed/atmospheric mode to battle ready mode. Twin fuelages separate to unshield triple-barrel "recoil action" EMP railgun; cockpit access hatches in fuselages open downwards for pilot to get in and out; landing gear deploys.
WEAKNESSES: Medium range, requires frequent refueling; relative lack of manueverability and air to air defenses make it vulnerable to massed fighter attack.
This vehicle is not used often, as it requires massive amounts of fuel.

PAGE 33:
All of these specialized vehicles require constant maintenance, which brings us to the command decks:

PAGE 34:
TYPE: Class 2 Satellite Docking Station
OPERATOR: David Hartford
RANK: Captain, Satellite Command
BASE: Ring Station, Saturn
EVALUATION: Unbendable, nearly a martinet. Not well liked but very well respected. Since his assignment to the Shuttle Dock, their safety rating has been elevated to 100%.
PURPOSE OF BASE: Main refueling, maintenance and loading bay for all U.S. Space Force vehicles. The large auto-tracking command and control complex allows last minute changes in mission strategies to be secretly communicated here from the Command Center through cryptographic pulsed gamma ray signals.
DEPLOYMENT: Power crane Standard Cargo Module and bomb loader/unloader.
WEAKNESSES: If bombed when refueling there is potential for all fuels to ignite, causing a fusion explosion that could destroy the nearest planet. Requires a large defensive contingent.
Not used often, a secondary base.

PAGE 35:
DESIGNATION: Starbase Station
TYPE: Class 1 Satellite Cargo Station
NAME: Bull Gruff
CODE: A-18
RANK: Sergeant Major
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
SPECIALITY: Starbase Station Commander, Cargo Chief
BASE: Ring Station, Saturn
EVALUATION: Very capable. Cheerful and giving; the exact opposite of the stereotypical Sgt. Major, except that the toughness required to attain that rank is definitely present. Very loved by those under his command.
PURPOSE OF BASE: The Starbase Station, located halfway between Command Central and the Shuttle Dock, is used primarily as a vehicle and supply transfer and storage port. When called upon it can be transformed into a three level defense tower capable of destroying large numbers of incoming enemy spacecraft.
DEPLOYMENT: Automatic cargo conveyer, transformation from cargo base to defense tower; four ten barrel gamma-ray laser cannons (Grasers) lock into position; automatic elevator carries gunners to their stations.
[continued on Page 36]

PAGE 36:
WEAKNESSES: Computers are vulnerable to EMP weapons; malfunction in hardware could result in reverse-programming resulting in automatic firing at own vehicles.
This base is in close proximity to the living quarters of Dash, Slim and Crowbar ­ they can usually be found here during their off-hours.

PAGE 37:
Mobile personnel, not assigned to any specific vehicle or base:
NAME: Hector Morales
CODE: A-37
RANK: Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Astromarines
EVALUATION: A connoisseur of all thing (sic) refined; classical music, gourmet food, vintage wines. Well-bred, but never stuffy or pretentious.
NAME: Victor Rivera
CODE: A-39
RANK: Sergeant
BATTLE GROUP: Astromarines
EVALUATION: Competent, passionate, extremely commited (sic) and somewhat spiritual. It was this unique mix of personality traits that first attached his new wife ­ Lianna Derringer, Dash's younger sister.
NAME: Ed Kramer
CODE: A-27
RANK: Sergeant
EVALUATION: Overly talky. Would rather explain something than actually do it.
NAME: Pete Yablonsky
[continued on Page 38]

PAGE 38:
CODE: A-19
RANK: Captain
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
EVALUATION: An athlete. Very health-conscious, talks a lot about kelp supplements. Very vital and alarmingly healthy.
NAME: Shawn Reed
CODE: A-42
RANK: Private, First Class
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
EVALUATION: Very young, voice barely finished changing. A little uncertain, but always willing to carry out whatever mission he is assigned. A good soldier in the making.
NAME: Rusty Caldwell
CODE: A-30
RANK: Private, First Class
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
EVALUATION: A seasoned fighter. There isn't much that Rusty hasn't seen. He is quiet, maybe a little too quiet ­ a spring tightly wound.
NAME: Tony Barona
CODE: Not yet assigned
RANK: Major
BATTLE GROUP: Starbase Command
EVALUATION: Not Yet On Active Duty

PAGE 39:
One other technological aspect of U.S.SPACE FORCE which is related to the vehicles (and will be a featured "signature") is a special invention worn by all our team members, called "Magnalock". Magnalock is the application of magnetism on the molecular level, allowing the user to walk on any surface and stick to it. This applies to anything from a tiny asteroid where the lack of gravity would normally make a human float away, to walking upside down on the wings of a speeding aircraft. Whenever someone needs to be secured to a moving vehicle, he simply presses a button on his uniform, declaring "Magnalock on."
Conversely, there are times when someone might want to take advantage of the weightlessness of space to leap over an adversary, etc. Then he or she turns the "Magnalock off" and is free to propel himself or herself off of the surface formerly adhered to.
The physics behind this invention are extremely complex and theoretical, involving the newly-discovered "sixth universal force" and its interaction with subatomic particles such as impious chronons and embarrassed gravitons. While no one fully understands the quantum mechanics behind the Magnalock, all that matters is that it works.
[continued on Page 40]

PAGE 40:
Certain of the StarCom vehicles also carry the Magnalock feature. In the case of the vehicles, the magnalock generators are much more powerful, and the capability is used for extra propulsion power, sharp mauevers in space, and to aid docking, and cargo and personnel loading.

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Written by Brynne Stephens,
Copyright: DiC & Brynne Stephens, 1986
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