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Jefferson from Galactic Heartbeat ..:// SAT. 05.20.2006
Moved servers on the 12th and totally forgot about re-uploading Starcom website till I recieved many emails. Thanks for the reminder guys, its been so busy I forgot to check all websites. Everything should be back to normal now, except for email which I'm working on.
..:// SUN. 06.23.2002
Haven't had much new to add to the site in quite awhile. Did have time last month to set up a store for people interested in Starcom Gear. We have a site that provides shirts, hats, mousepads, mugs, etc. Check it out here, http://www.cafepress.com/starcomforce If anyone has anything new to add to the regular Starcom site feel free to contact me about it.
..:// THU. 05.09.2002
If you're not sure you want to join the email list, here is an alternative way to communicate with other Starcom collectors. Feel free to post your Starcom stuff in this area of the site. You can post your stuff for Sale, Trade or even talk to other collectors if you like. > Starcom Exchange Board
..:// SUN. 05.05.2002
The Insert section has been updated with an instruction guide for the Shadow Upriser thanks to Tan Choon Kiat, and I will be updating the Custom section later in the week.
..:// SAT. 04.06.2002
Just wanted to let you know I have 3 sets left of the Starcom animated series, and after they are gone thats it. That page will be taken down when they are gone.
..:// SUN. 03.17.2002
New custom toys and and an update have been added to the Custom area of the site.
..:// WED. 02.06.2002
I added the theme music from the Starcom cartoon series to the site.
..:// FRI. 01.11.2002
The Starcom Bible has been completed(scanned) and its all online now. Check it out here. It comes from 85 typewritten pages, misspellings and all have been left in.
..:// WED. 01.02.2002
Over the Christmas and New Years holiday I was able to finish up transferring the 8 remaining episodes of the Starcom cartoons to a Quicktime movie format. I will begin taking orders from people who bought the first 5 episodes, for the remaining 8 episodes. I will also take new orders for people wanting all 13 episodes after that. For more information look here.
..:// SUN. 12.16.2001
Your update for today is pages 41-60 of the Starcom Bible. Keeping checking back for the rest of the pages next week. It's a good read and explains a lot about the characters, vehicles and the Starcom universe. Check it out here.
..:// SAT. 10.06.2001
The Toy Release schedule has been corrected and updated with some added information thanks to Martin Joynes, an ex-Coleco employee. I also took some of Martin's email and was able to make two new additions in the FAQ's section.
..:// FRI. 10.05.2001
I've added a link both on the Cartoon and Supplies sections that allow you to get Quicktime copies of 5 of the 13 original episodes. Go here!
..:// TUE. 09.25.2001
I fixed some of the offsite links in the Link section as well as added one for the 80's Archive. Be sure to check that one out! I also added a cover for a German 3D Starcom comicbook/catalog and the instruction sheet for a Shadow Spy in the Inserts section under the Depot.
..:// FRI. 08.17.2001
Added the decal sheets for a Starmax Bomber and Shadow Spy in the Inserts section under the Depot.
..:// FRI. 07.27.2001
I added a link to Turgay's Starcom Shop website. It says it will be up and running in 3 days! I'm looking forward to seeing some rare and/or hard to find items.
..:// SAT. 05.12.2001
The update for today is in the Depot section of the site. In particular the custom area. Check it out right here. There are some nice Starcom dio's and vehicles there. I will be updating some other areas throughout the week.
..:// MON. 03.26.2001
We've been experiencing major problems with our host so nothing has changed in a month. I did manage to put up scans of the Six-Shooter Guide and Decal sheet in the Inserts section of the site. I recently was lucky enough to get a rare Six-Shooter off ebay.com (mint). I also wanted to let everyone know that this site will go down at the end of the month and I hope to get it back up 2 weeks after.
..:// THU. 02.15.2001
I put up my first attempt at trying to figure out the Release Wave and Dates for the Starcom toys. Its under the Depot section, check it out here.
..:// TUE. 02.13.2001
Everyone on the email list has been requesting a page of Starcom collectors around the world, so it has been added to the site. We have what appears to be a good start for a Worldwide Collectors page. Check it out here.
..:// WED. 01.31.2001
Your update for today is pages 30-41 of the Starcom Bible. Thanks to Martin Joynes for typing those up. Keeping checking back for pages 42-85. It's a good read and explains a lot about the characters, vehicles and the Starcom universe. I believe page 41 begins the explanation of the Shadow Force. Check it out here.
..:// SUN. 01.07.2001
Some small updates such as a new section in the Depot called Collection. Some members of the list have posted their collection for trading, selling or just to show off what they have. We also wanted to help each other identify ourselves on ebay. Also posted a new decal sheet for the Starcom Starbase Command playset in the Depot/Inserts section of the site thanks to Dan Branco.
..:// MON. 01.01.2001
I just wanted to let you know I have 6 videos captured and transferred to CD. They are in the quicktime format and viewable at 320x240. They run anywhere from 500 to 600 meg, which means unless I run them through the compression process again, making them smaller and lower resolution, it will take 13 cds per set. Once I get all 13 episodes transferred I will let you know if you're in the Starcom list. If you're not in the list then look for an announcement here, and on the Supplies page located in the Depot.
Help, I would like to borrow 3 original episodes from someone so I can transfer from an original tape rather than a copy. We could work a trade or you could lend them to me and I'll send them back. Here are the three originals I would like to borrow, Fire and Ice, The Long Fall and the Caverns of Mars. I have second gen copies to use in case I get no help.
..:// TUE. 12.19.2000
I just added 2 brand spankin' newly discovered playsets made by Mattel. They're Mobile Action Pods called, Missile Station and Big Cannon Fortress. If you own these, please forward information about them. These were scanned from the 1991 Mattel catalog. You can check them out right here if you like.
..:// SAT. 11.25.2000
I just added a Starcom storybook in pdf format. It's called "Doom In Space" by Golden Books. It's heavy at 7 meg. You can download it here if you like.
..:// THU. 10.19.2000
Cleaned up a few things, and updated a few things including two NEW desktop images from Dan Machin, check them out here!
..:// MON. 9.25.2000
Continuing to update the Starcom Bible pages. I added pages 22 through 29, courtesy of Martin Joynes. The Double Fighter received some updated images of it in color, courtesy of Aldric. Go check it out!
..:// SAT. 9.16.2000
Continuing to update the Starcom Bible pages. Not much else to mention now. If you have any Fan Art or Custom work, please send it in and I will post it in the Depot.
..:// MON. 8.21.2000
I just added the functionality to Search the Starcom Website. Please use this and let me know if its not working as well as any other errors you might find on the site. Thanks!
..:// SUN. 8.13.2000
Coming soon, starting next monday Martin Joynes, an ex-Coleco UK division employee, will be kindly supplying us with a page a day from the Starcom Bible. He rescued it from the waste bin when Coleco UK closed down. We will then put up every weeks worth on the site listed under the History section as the Starcom Bible. Updates for the week will be performed every weekend. So sign up for the club email list if you would like to see the pages before then. Also notice I have changed the background to be much lighter and easier to read with text over it. Also I have added Ward Schultz to both the contact list and the bottom of every page. He has been a great help in keeping this website as well as club list going. He knows a lot about customizing and pretty much anything else Starcom related.
..:// TUE. 7.11.2000
Look under the Depot section of the site and view some new customs from Gary Anderson and Mikkel Small.
..:// MON. 7.03.2000
There have been a ton up small updates. Custom work from Jetwing13 to basic clean up on the site. Way to many to list but hopefully you will notice them.
..:// TUE. 6.20.2000
I'll make this update sweet and simple by just giving you a list of things that have been added or updated. Images of the Attack Trike, Mini-Tank and Upriser. And last but not the least I have added more custom work from Ward Schultz in the custom section under the Depot. Definitely check it out!
..:// THU. 6.15.2000
Finally updated the Supply Depot section with its very first Starcom item for sale. You can now get all 13 episodes from the first season of Starcom the animated series. Keep in mind I don't make any money making the copies unless you want to count 30 cents. There are only 5 left of the 8 copies I made. Also a partial listing has been done for the newest Shadow Force vehicle called the Attack Trike, plus a few misc. updates. The next update will include some wonderful customs from Ward Schultz. They are very cool and I look forward to showing them off on the Custom section of the site.
..:// MON. 5.22.2000
Just uploaded a New vehicle to the Shadow Force vehicle section. The mysterious Shadow Mini-Tank. This was only released in Europe by Mattel in 1990 about a year or two after Coleco Toys went bankrupt and Mattel acquired the rights to Starcom. Could be a fourth or fifth series release.
..:// THU. 5.18.2000
We updated the Fan section under the Depot with 5 Desktop Images you can use on your computer. More are planned and on the way. Also the Links page has been updated with 2 new Starcom Links. Lastly the Art Contest has been extended 2 more weeks, so get those entries in to help possibly win you a complete set of Starcom Videos.
..:// TUE. 5.2.2000
Its not a major update but we thought it was one worthy of mentioning. 9 pages including the cover of the Starcom coloring book by Golden Books were scanned, cleaned up and uploaded to the Depot section of the site on the Collectibles page. Feel free to download all of the images. If you're really feeling creative, you can color some of them and submit them to us for the Fan Art section also in the Depot section of the site. Lastly, if your just a visitor to the site and haven't joined the list, located on the Home Page, yet then you need to. We will be using this artwork for a contest coming soon.
..:// FRI. 4.28.2000
We just added a couple more FAQ's and some detailed instructions on how to repair a Starcom motor/engine. You can find all of them in the FAQ section under the Depot. Over the weekend we'll have some more updates, in particular some scans from a coloring book of some of the characters from the Cartoon series. I'll let everyone know when they hit the web. Thanks, enjoy the tips under the FAQ section.
..:// SUN. 4.16.2000
Added one Decal Sheet under The Depot and cleaned up the other 3 by making the background white. 1 more Instruction Sheet was added for the Command Post Pod. All the figures and vehicle section have been updated with some info about Technical Profiles. The Astro and Starwing figures have a couple new ones added. Lastly I've did a little maintenance to the site.
..:// SAT. 4.1.2000
Added Decal Sheets of three vehicles in the Inserts section under The Depot. Also a 4 more Instruction Sheets. Lastly I added some missing BIO cards to the Starcom figures section and 4 more Tech Sheets for vehicles and playsets.
..:// SAT. 3.11.2000
Made a lot of changes to links, added another FAQ a new improved splash page and the coolest of all we added a newly discovered Starcom Starwing vehicle to the roster. CLICK HERE to view it.
..:// WED. 3.8.2000
Your update for today is fairly small but I did manage to add a question to the FAQ section and a link to the Unofficial Starcom Page website. A few days back I updated a couple figures with ID cards and put up two new images for the Shadow Upriser. Hopefully I'll be able to set some time aside and update a few more sections this weekend.
..:// MON. 2.28.2000
Too many things to list but I have updated various sections since the 6th. Check out pics of the Shadow Upriser in the Robot Vehicles section!
..:// SUN. 2.6.2000
The update today is the mysterious European 2 figures packs by Mattel. Not much is known about these figures yet. But you can find out their names and see images of them. Check them out.
..:// WED. 2.2.2000
We now have a start on the Custom section located under the Depot. It features some of the work of Ward Schultz. We would also like to encourage you to send in any custom work or battle scenes you have set up at one time or another and took pictures of it. Stop by and let Ward know what you think of his work so far.
..:// THU. 1.20.2000
I just wanted to point out that we are always updating this site so if it looks like very little has happened on the main level pages you will need to dig a little deeper. For instance we have updated the club, inserts and collectibles sections in the Depot. We have also been constantly updating the figures and vehicles sections.
..:// SUN. 1.9.2000
Well not a ton of things have changed since the last update but I managed to put up bio cards and package images for about 10 more figures and vehicles. I have some more coming later this week. Also I found out that Admiral Brickley wasn't the figure that came with the Starbase Command set. It was Maj. Tony Barona. All area's of Brickley's appearance have been changed to reflect the real figure. If anyone ever notices an error like that, please let us know. The next update should be the cartoon section. Thanks and enjoy.
..:// SUN. 12.19.1999
After a long weekend of work you should now be able to view every section under both Our Forces and The Enemy sections. Most of the vehicles are up but we still need better images of some vehicles and most packages if you can supply them. I would like to mention that we have the list on Onelist for Starcom collectors to join. Please join, it only takes a minute. Also wanted to say that the Starcom Online Archives site and us have joined in a partnership, so please stop by Mikkel's site where you'll find more information about Starcom. His website is listed on the Links page and other various locations around this site. Next update will probably be small error tweaks and hopefully more images throughout the site. The major update will be the Cartoon section being created by Patrick Stewart. See you then!
..:// MON. 12.13.1999
The Vehicle sections for the Shadow Force are all done. I should get the Starcom vehicles complete within the next couple days. I've also added a Thank you page for people who have helped make this website possible. And lastly you'll notice that we now have a emailing list set up for Starcom at Onelist.com. Let me know if you would like this to be a discussion list or a What's New type of list.
..:// FRI. 12.10.1999
We just uploaded the initial listing for the vehicle section for Starcom and Shadow Force. The Inserts and Collectibles section have been updated too.
..:// SAT. 12.04.1999
We are still developing the site. We managed to get up the figure sections in both Starcom Force and Shadow Force sections. As well as add some content for every page on the site. Were shooting to have the site complete by January 2000. But all of the toys should be complete before the end of December. Take a look around and feel free to contact us if you have any information or ideas you want to contribute. Take care and thanks for stopping by.
..:// SAT. 11.27.1999
Well as usual this site is still under development. I managed to put up most of the pages. With no content for most of them yet either.

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